Rates / Programs


Effective January 1, 2019

Road to College Golf offers several rate programs to suit your specific needs.

  • Annual Program - $5,500
  • Six-Month Program - $4,000
  • Day Program (Initial Assessment & Consultation) - $1,500
  • Middle School Program - $1000 (limited to current 6th-8th graders only)
  • Premium Program - Determined on a case by case basis with client.
  • Tournament Round Evaluation/Practice Round Prep/Course Management Coaching - $750
  • Hourly  - $250/hour (minimum 10-hour commitment)

Annual Program

12-month program where Coach Gleason takes a proactive role in mentoring and communicating with the junior golfer on a regular basis. Communication topics include, but are not limited to: updates on weekly activities relative to school, golf practice, golf lessons, tournament feedback/updates, tournament scheduling, college process updates, and other related matters. Coach Gleason will periodically connect for in-person meeting, 9 holes of golf and/or watch junior golfer compete (travel expenses incurred if asked to travel outside of 60 miles from home).

Six-Month Program

Program where Coach Gleason takes a proactive role in mentoring and communicating with the junior golfer on a regular basis, as in annual program but limited to a six-month time frame. 

Day Program

Initial Assessment & Consultation

The meeting includes a range session, up to 18 holes of golf, game assessment, junior golf overview, college process discussion, client interview, Q & A opportunity and written summary with recommendations in the days following the round of golf. Note: Green fees for  junior golfer and Coach Gleason are paid for by client. Also, travel expenses incurred if asked to travel outside of 60 miles from Mission Viejo, CA. This fee may be applied as a credit towards any other RTCG program within the first 30 days.

Middle School Program

This includes a warm-up session on the range, 9 holes of golf, recap meeting with the junior golfer and family immediately following the round as well as a written outline of what's ahead.  Also included are 2 calls/zoom meetings up to 30 minutes each (to be utilized within a year of the initial meeting) to ask Coach Gleason questions about junior golf and the like. (Green fees for Coach Gleason and junior golfer are paid by client)

Premium Program

A Premium Program is essentially a program tailored to the client's needs.  For example, some clients opt for extra course management coaching and/or practice round sessions with Coach Gleason, in addition to the periodic meetings included in the Annual Program.  These sessions can be added on as needed. 

Tournament Round Evaluation/Practice Round Prep/Course Management Coaching

Coach Gleason will play  18 holes with junior golfer to prep for a tournament competition or to provide coaching on course management.  Topics will include how to properly play a practice round, charting the course and developing an appropriate strategy and game plan for the course. This is solely for the purpose of mentoring the junior golfer on how to play an effective practice round for a tournament and/or coaching course management strategies. There will be no game assessment or discussions on junior golf or college process during this time.   (Green fees for Coach Gleason and junior golfer are paid by client).

Hourly Program

A 10-hour retainer used by clients at their discretion. In this program, Coach Gleason will solely respond to questions or inquires and will not be proactive or initiate contact as it is up to client to use their respective time as they deem most appropriate. Once the initial 10 hours have been provided, clients will be charged the current hourly rate for additional services performed. Prepaid hours expire 1 year after purchase.

Payment Terms

All programs begin upon receipt of paying the full fee in advance. Note: NCAA Compliance- RTCG fees are not contingent on the prospective student-athlete being recruited to play college golf or receive any institutional financial aid.

Travel Expenses

Clients incur additional fees to cover applicable travel time and related expenses if meetings are conducted more than 60 miles from Mission Viejo, CA. Airfare, rental car, gas, hotel, and incidental expenses will be charged on an actual basis. Meal reimbursement will be charged at $40 per day and mileage will be calculated based on current IRS tax codes.

Transfer Option

Within the first three hours of paid service, hourly clients can opt for the annual or Premium program by paying the applicable difference at that time.

All RTCG students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately on and off the golf course. This means No Drugs and No Alcohol. Repeated violations of standards may result in dismissal from the RTCG program and in forfeiture of fees paid.


1. Player Development

  • Evaluate current skill level and playing ability and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Develop action plans for practice and tournament preparation in conjunction with balancing academics, social and personal responsibilities.
  • Counsel and mentorship from a former Division 1 Head Coach and Division I student-athlete prior to getting to college.
  • Communicate with Coach Gleason via regularly scheduled calls/Zoom  to review weekly activities, including but not limited to takeaways from tournaments, practice sessions, golf lessons and school activities. 
  • Recommend qualified experts, if asked, related to swing instruction (services do not include any form of swing instruction) fitness training and sports psychology.
  • Evaluate golf equipment and make appropriate suggestions and recommendations.

2. College Golf & Recruiting Issues

  • Guidance in formulating resumes and assist in communication strategies with coaches and colleges and appropriate timelines for this communication. 
  • Detail NCAA recruiting rules and timelines as well the guidelines set forth in the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.
  • Counsel and educate clients on the landscape of DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, Junior College and NCCGA (NCAA Club Golf) and their respective differences and opportunities. 
  • Advise and counsel clients on how to analyze potential best fit colleges based on their golf and academic abilities as well as their daily/weekly commitment to both.  
  • Instruct clients on how to produce a golf swing video for coaches.
  • Discuss importance of proper Social Media protocols in recruiting and otherwise.
  • Assist clients prepare for both Official and Unofficial campus visits with a college coach as well as phone calls with a college coach.
  • Educate clients on what to expect from the college experience and how to properly prepare for life as a student-athlete.

3. Tournament Competition

  • Tournament Scheduling and Planning.
  • Preparing properly for tournament competition in practice, counsel on specific practice round prep and strategies as well as setting the proper "process" goals for competitive events.
  • Evaluating performance to more effectively "learn" from each tournament experience and take those lessons "learned" and apply them accordingly moving forward.
  • Explain AJGA Performance Based Entry Process.

4. Life Skills

  • Reinforce and educate proper best practices in communication (email, text and on the phone) and follow up with Coach Gleason, college coaches and with others in general. 
  • Emphasis on establishing daily habits that align with one's goals. Big Goals require Big Habits!
  • Maintaining proper perspective both in life and as a competitive golfer.
  • Understanding that one "chooses" their attitude and learning how to "problem-solve" and "react" in a way that will move one closer to reaching their goals. 
As required by NCAA Bylaws, Road To College Golf does not market a prospective student athlete's athletic ability or reputation, negotiate or promise scholarships or serve as an agent in any way.