Thank You Tijeras Creek Golf Club For Supporting Road To College Golf!

Our family would like to thank you, Ted, for your lisening, attention to detail, guidance, and kindness. The road to college golf is not easy, and it is a bit of the Wild West when you are out there on your own. Our son loves golf, but he arrived later than many youth golfers with the same dream of playing college golf. He was a two sport, high school athlete and was not sure about college golf until he dedicated himself and his game improved immensely in his Junior year of High School. As an unranked player, it was not the easiest path for him to make up for lost time. The pressure was on which made his rounds more stressful & challenging to score well. Ted was just incredible in terms of assisting our son and our family in navigating the maze of college golf with tons of encouragement and a positive attitude. We highly encourage anyone reading this to understand and embrace the idea of a “good fit” for your son or daughter at a college. Ted helped us with this realization about good fit, and it made all the difference. I’m a financial planner as a profession, and I know what a financial sacrifice this golf journey can be for a family. Pound for pound, this was the best money we spent in the entire process. In addition, Coach Gleason turned out to be a wealth of life lessons. His overall mentorship was simply priceless.

The Forster Family, Santa Barbara, CA

I have been lucky to call Ted Gleason a friend for close to 40 years. He is someone I look up to and see as an example on how to live and work. His company, Road to College Golf, has been providing sound advice to young golfers and their families for almost 20 years. If you are looking for answers to difficult questions, Road to College Golf is an amazing service.

Chris Zambri - Head Coach of the U.S. National Development Program 

"Ted Gleason is the single greatest resource in the country for your journey to college golf. The world of junior golf is a vast, multifaceted, everchanging landscape that even if you have some familiarity, mistakes can and will occur. Having a resource like Ted on your team is invaluable and will help ensure that you put your junior golfer in the best position to succeed.

My son came relatively late to the game of golf and I had no understanding of the junior golf world. Ted was able to not only create a plan for us to follow tournament wise, he gave my son practice plans, skills analysis, encouragement and advice on how to deal with adversity both on and off the golf course. He helped us strategize on what colleges were best fit for his level of play and academic resume, and how to communicate effectively with them. In addition, he gave advice on how to communicate with dream schools and how to differentiate ourselves from the thousands of players that exist in junior golf.

Most importantly, Ted cares for his players and their parents. The recruiting process can be an extremely stressful and emotional time. Ted understands this and is always available for a conversation, and to provide his perspective. We still reach out to Ted for advice, and my son will continue to do so throughout his golf career. 

My son was fortunate to be able to earn a position at one of his top schools. Because golf is an individual sport, it is far too easy to overlook the hard work of the team behind the player. Ted is the hardest working man in the world of college golf. I cannot stress enough how important he was to our success, and how grateful I am to have him on our team."

McMackin Family, Laguna Beach, CA

"Coach Gleason comes with our highest recommendation and warmest appreciation. Ted is uniquely qualified, personally and professionally, to help high school aged young men and women navigate the college golf process -- and so much more. Ted's experience as a professional mini-tour player, D-1 college coach, D-1 college athlete and top junior golfer is invaluable in his RTCG role as coach, counselor and mentor. Even more important is Ted's ability to connect with player and parent alike. He is direct, honest, compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and accessible. Despite the fact that our son lived in Minnesota, Ted was able to develop a close relationship with him and guide him through the complicated process from high school golf to playing for his top choice D-1 college. Ted took the time to truly get to know him, quickly learned his strengths and areas to develop, and helped him grow as a person and a player. He was instrumental in helping our son develop a plan, find the best fit as a student-athlete, and prepare himself mentally and physically for the next level. They still remain in close contact. We will be forever grateful for Ted's help, mentorship and friendship."

Susan & Doug Hitchner, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Going through the process of recruitment to play collegiate golf can be incredibly stressful. For parents and prospective collegiate players alike, the process is filled with uncertainty, doubt, and the overall feeling of being left in the dark. Golf, by nature, is an isolated and individual sport, and many of those same feelings carry over to recruiting. Moreover, there are very few, if any, people who have dedicated their career to alleviating the process of helping a young person make arguably the biggest decision of their life.

I could go into detail about how much Ted assisted my family and me in the college process and how I went to the school of my dreams. In junior golf, I was a decent player, and I was fortunate to have a solid summer going into my senior year of high school. That said, there are plenty of testimonials from players Ted has worked with who were (and still are!) much better than me, and their testimonials to Ted’s work echo my sentiments regarding his track record with junior golfers and the overall collegiate recruiting process.

However, when I think of Ted Gleason, none of our work together concerning the college recruiting process is the first to come to mind. Instead, to me, something much more important sticks out. Simply put, Ted Gleason might be the most respected and well regarded person in collegiate golf that is not directly a part of college golf. In conversations with past players, parents, and amateur golfers of all ages around the country… not a single person has ever once uttered anything but positive and genuine words of encouragement towards Ted. In any industry, it is rare to find someone that is naturally enthusiastic, inclusive, and entirely passionate about their work. Similarly, in life, it is rare to come across someone with a personality that is genuinely uplifting and completely infectious. When Ted’s name is brought up, his past players beam with raving reviews, and his peers in the coaching world can’t help but talk about his impeccable character and integrity.

Ted Gleason will help each client accomplish their goals, and he will help them in their desire to play collegiate golf. However, he does so much more than that. He is a natural leader that young people will admire and look up to as a role model. When I think of Ted Gleason, I don’t think about college golf, I think about how I aspire to be more like him in my life."

S. Hagestad, Newport Beach, CA
2016, 2021 & 2023 United States Mid-Amateur Champion
2017, 2019, 2021 & 2023 Member of victorious Walker Cup Teams

We are so grateful for Ted’s valuable guidance during the college golf recruiting process. He has been a tremendous asset to our family in many ways. We worked with him for approximately 3 years, from the time our daughter was a sophomore through her senior year. His care and guidance over the past few years have been wonderful, not only for our daughter, but also for us as parents! His warmth, humor, recruiting knowledge and expertise are a winning combination. In the end, a win-win opportunity presented itself to our daughter, to play Division One golf at her first choice university. She is very excited. Nonetheless, the whole time, we all knew that it was not just about where (and if) she would play college golf - as she honestly wavered as to whether she wanted to continue, throughout the
yearlong pandemic. Rather, Ted’s motive was always to help her - to mentor, guide and listen. He never pushed, but along the way gave suggestions, and listened, listened, listened.

The university our daughter will attend was first introduced to her by Ted! It wasn’t on our radar before that - and over the course of a couple of years, and after exploring many schools, this one was her first choice - with or without golf. And it so happened that she was offered a spot on the team! We are all thrilled. But most of all, we feel we have a friend in Ted - As I told him - you are like a family psychologist for the parents (haha) in addition to being a cheerleader and professional counselor for the whole family.

We cannot recommend Ted Gleason highly enough. We only wish he had a consulting business for tennis as well, as our son comes up through the ranks! We would love to work with him again, and would encourage anyone seeking professional assistance with the college golf recruiting process to do so as well!!

The Kennedy Family - Los Angeles, CA 

"Coach Ted, I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know that I just signed an offer with an investment banking group in Los Angeles for the summer of 2021 and likely after graduation. Received another major offer from a big financial services company as well, but ultimately chose the investment banking offer. As I reflect, I owe a debt of gratitude to you for molding me into the person I am today and for making me mentally strong on and off the golf course. I'm starting to understand that a lot of my decision making abilities are a derivative of lessons I've learned from you, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Hope you and the family are doing well and would love to play a round of golf whenever you are free."

G.N., Newport Beach, Ca

"My son's journey on the road to college golf began six years ago. We were fortunate to meet Ted Gleason at the 2012 US Open being held at The Olympic Club. After a round of golf and dinner that week we began down a path with Ted that has blossomed into a friendship for a lifetime. Ted has been instrumental with wisdom and guidance at every aspect of the junior golf journey. As my son's golf game progressed and ranking's increased we knew Division I golf was achievable. During Jack's sophomore and junior year Ted was more like a surgeon advising of tournament schedule and how best to communicate with college coaches via email and phone calls. Like any journey in life there are ups and downs throughout the process. Ted was with us all the way and helped Jack realize his dream of playing Division I college golf."

Steve Gardner
Titleist Sales Representative, Palm Beach, Florida

"The opportunity for your son or daughter to spend time under Ted’s tutelage in the formative years before heading off to college is so special and valuable that we’d recommend taking up the game of golf just to be able to spend time with Ted! Anything that we can write about how positive it’s been for our son, and our entire family, to have been able to benefit from Ted’s wisdom, experience and philosophy about golf and life more generally, would come up short. Integrity, commitment and clarity of thought are just a few of the qualities that Ted helped to develop in our son. Ted taught our son invaluable lessons that will stay with him always, and help him to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, far beyond the 18th hole. And, the icing on the cake is that our son is enjoying the start of his D1 golf career at a university that’s been a perfect fit."

The Haghani Family, London, UK

"As a teenager golfer’s parent, we make decisions for them everyday to ensure the best for their futures. One of my best decisions I made for my daughter was hiring Coach Gleason to mentor and guide our family. Before we met Coach Gleason personally, I had heard about his program, reputation and all the experience he had as a player, coach and mentor. However, once we started working with him and really got to KNOW him as a person, we found out that Coach Gleason had lots of patience and a BIG heart. He could understand both my perspective as a parent and my daughter's perspective as a teenager (We all know that teenagers have their own opinions and often take the opposite point of view as us parents). Coach Gleason is a great communicator and was so beneficial in brining his objective and point of view to our discussions as he himself is a great DAD with experience with his own children. He can definitely assist your junior golfer with the ups and downs of junior golf and provided such great counsel when my daughter was frustrated with her game. Time flies, as my daughter just graduated from HS last year (2018) and of course under Coach Gleason's guidance, she matured and spread her wings to fly on to another stage of her life as a Division I college student-athlete. We are so appreciative for the past four years and all the efforts Coach Gleason put into guiding and mentoring my daughter. My appreciation is speechless and I do believe Coach Gleason can help out more kids to reach their goal and make their dream comes true."

Wang Family, Rowland Heights, CA

"We are so grateful to Ted. He was extremely helpful on our journey to find our son a university at which he could play golf and get a good education. Ted’s knowledge, guidance and candor were invaluable during our search process which ultimately resulted in our son finding a school at which he is thriving on all fronts. When we began our search for a university with a welcoming golf program, we were naive and clueless. After 3 months with Ted's guidance, we were knowledgeable and ahead of the game. Thank you, Ted!"

Davis Family, Culver City, CA

"Ted, The Sarro Family thanks you for your investment into our son. The three years that he worked with you, you not only became a mentor to him, but someone who was instrumental in helping match the right college to him. Our son has become a better golfer, student and person in large part because of you. We can't thank you enough for your time and concern for our son, you were involved with him every step of the way. You truly have made a difference in the life of our son, thank you!"

Sarro Family, Henderson, Nevada

"Coach Ted Gleason and I started working together in the fall of my junior year in high school. Looking back, I was one of those teenagers that refused to listen to my parents, even though they knew what was best for me. Their solution to that problem was to bring in someone I would listen to: Coach Ted Gleason. From the first time we met, he identified my goals, where I currently stand in relation to my goals, and what I have to do to achieve those goals. As time went on, Coach Gleason continued to be honest with me; he always told me what I needed to hear rather than what I wanted to hear. This meant identifying my weaknesses and areas of my life that needed more discipline, as well as admiring the things that I do well. I didn't always like the constructive criticism, but it didn't keep him from being honest with me. Eventually, his honesty with me gave me an obligation to be honest with him and proved to be an effective way for him and I to identify the best fit for me to play college golf. Through his mentorship, I became a better golfer, a more disciplined student, matured as a man, and was able to identify the place for me to play college golf. Once when I was in college, Coach Gleason still took the time to follow-up with me to make sure I was enjoying the experience, but still accountable to the responsibilities of being a DI student-athlete. This proved to me that he is, and always will be committed to my success in life. I can't thank you enough Coach."

Wong Family, Phoenix, AZ

Hiring Ted Gleason was a great decision. My son was a multi sport athlete and decided to focus solely on golf his junior year of high school. Ted masterfully navigated us through the difficult process of selecting a college that met our academic, social, and golf needs in a short period of time.  My son was fortunate to secure an offer from a college that met these 3 criteria. We will be forever be indebted to Ted for his great work and guidance.

Irwin Family, Los Angeles, CA

"I reflect back on the last four years, and it went by very quickly. We were not prepared for how quickly things move and what the process involved was in getting the attention of university golf programs in such a short time. Without Ted's guidance and precise steps needed to take place in such a short time we are certain such a successful outcome may have been out of reach."

Roddy Family, Trabuco Canyon, CA

"Ted worked closely with our son for almost five years and we believe he had a very significant impact in helping him learn how to prepare to make the best decision possible about where to attend and play college golf. When we look back on our investment with Ted, it was in many ways hard to put a price on it. Ted's experience as a college player and coach, and his very strong ability to connect with our son and thus coach, counsel and mentor him throughout the entire process helped our son invaluably in his decision-making process. We also had Ted work with him in his Junior and Senior years to continue to prepare him as a person, golfer and student and this was great (especially for the eleventh grade year which is particularly challenging for scholar-athletes). When the chips were down the past years Ted was always there with an encouraging and motivational word; and also when things were going well Ted knew what to say to keep our son's progress steady and strong. Ted quickly picked up our son's strenghts and areas for development early in the relationship and has kept on message over the years--we believe that has been criticaly important in his development. Ted's knowledge of the various colleges, college golf programs, and the coaches themselves is vast and thorough. We would strongly recommend Ted at an early stage in your player's development in order to opitmize your player's growth and full development of the college golf process over several years."

Griffith Family, Westlake Village, CA

"Ted worked with my son for three years and I can not thank him enough for his mentorship. My son had the lofty goal of playing Division 1 golf but neither the game or maturity at the time to make that goal a reality. Ted explained to him what it would take to accomplish his goal and then put a plan in place for him to follow. He regularly checked on his progress, visited him at tournaments, and consulted with his coaches. When it came time to start the recruiting process Ted was equally as active in helping my son identify schools and coaches that would be a good fit and then being involved in every step of the process to make sure my son was on track. I am glad to say Ted helped my son reach his goal. In closing, when I retained Ted I retained him for his contacts. What I got was a genuinely caring man who has been a tremendous mentor to my son in more than just golf."

McManus Family, Phoenix, AZ

"We started the recruiting process in July 2013 and we are very much grateful to Ted Gleason for helping our son achieve his goal to play Division I golf at an excellent university. Ted followed our son's game, gave him big confidence and supported him in the difficult moments. We thank Ted for his professionalism, good approach, honesty and efficiency with the world of colleges. Coaches trust professionals like Ted because of his background and experience. Thank you very much Ted. It has been great to work with you."

Matesanz Family, Irun, Spain

"We can't thank you enough for your expertise, kindness and dedication to our son. Your counsel and attitude was positive and appreciated during the entire recruiting process. You have become a friend to our family and a mentor to our son."

The Furey Family, Newport Beach, CA

"Thank you SO much! You can imagine we are just thrilled about our son's acceptance to his first choice! We cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help make this happen for our son. We really can't properly express the depth of our gratitude. The care and thoughtfulness, patience and guidance you provided our son means the world to all of us. He has learned so much from you that he will carry with him the rest of his life. The kinds of lessons about golf that transcend golf. Lessons like how to communicate respectfully and effectively. How to self-advocate. How to develop a disciplined approach to his practice. How fortunate we feel to have had the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to keeping in touch!

Thank you so very much!"

The LaHorgue Family, Kentfield, CA

"Hiring Ted was one of the best decisions we made in assisting our son reach his goal to play college golf. Our son was a multi-sport athlete who waited until mid high school to focus exclusively on golf. Ted's wisdom, expertise and straight-forward coaching created opportunities for our son that we would have missed. He is thrilled to be playing D-1 golf next year, but without Ted, the outcome would have been different. We are truly grateful and recommend Ted highly."

The Johnson Family, Tualatin, OR

"Why Ted Gleason?"  The answer is simple: you want the best collegiate/coach fit for your son or daughter so they have the best opportunity to achieve and have success. Ted Gleason is a credible expert that has experienced the realities of the recruiting process and D1 golf. He is articulate, honest, direct and an incredibly positive influence on your future athlete and serves as a critical bridge to the next step. He builds a strong relationship and acts a non-parent positive mentor. His evaluations and recommendations are anything but perfunctory. The cost is miniscule when you compare it to the time and investment already made. Without question it was one of the smartest decisions we made at a critical time in our young student-athlete’s life. Ted Gleason has our strongest recommendation. We will always be grateful to you Ted."

The Kubis Family, San Diego, CA

"Working with Ted Gleason has been an exciting and rewarding experience for us. My son was introduced to tournament golf fairly late and even with his fast improvement we were still in a haze when it came to the college recruitment process. We wanted a place where our son could have a great academic education as well as a strong competitive golf program. Ted walked us through the steps of the recruitment process and what we should expect. He quickly introduced us to many schools that fit our needs. Thanks to Ted we eventually built a great relationship with one school, which my son will be attending in fall of 2012. Even after acceptance, Ted still gives us suggestions and advice as well as tournament suggestions. I cannot say enough about how much Ted has helped us this year “Thank you”."

EL Tamami Family, Irvine, CA

"We cannot thank Ted enough for helping our son improve his game and in the college recruiting process. Our son came to competitive golf rather late, having played multiple sports growing up. At the beginning of his junior year, he decided that he wanted to play golf in college. We met Ted at a golf event in the middle of our son’s junior year and began working with him the summer following. He helped our son find a great fit, both academically and golf-wise. Thanks to Ted’s mentorship and encouragement, our son continued to play high school basketball and will be playing Division 1 golf next year. We could not have done it without Ted’s help. We greatly value his counsel and friendship."

Turley Family, San Diego, CA

"Do we really need help with the recruitment process? I think we can handle it…
Thankfully, we did not take on this task by ourselves and made the decision to hire Ted Gleason to guide us through. And guide us he did. From the beginning stages of contact with coaches up until the final decision was made, Ted was always there to let us know what to do next and how to do it. His years of experience were invaluable and we felt total confidence in all of the advice that he gave us and it proved to be right on. Ted was always accessible and always willing to give a little extra when we needed it and to answer any and all questions that we had for him. Everything about our relationship with Ted was positive and productive and we truly believe that we could not have gotten through this process with such ease and success without his expertise and guidance."

Thomas Family, Westlake Village, CA

"Working with Ted Gleason this past 18 months has been a great journey for our family. Our family was inexperienced about how to help our son to realize his dream of attending a great school and playing college golf next fall. Ted helped us through this process every step of the way. Ted provided constant encouragement not only to our son, but to us as well. His communication skills, supportive nature and sheer knowledge of college golf were the keys to our son's success. We honestly don't know how we ever could have helped our son achieve his goals without his help. Thank you, Ted."

Vasilakis Family, Colorado Springs, CO

"We are incredibly grateful to Ted Gleason for helping our son achieve his goal to play Division I golf at a great university that was his top choice and for helping him develop as a young man. Ted assessed our son’s game and ambitions, gave him honest feedback, gave him guidance on developing his physical and mental skills, created a tournament strategy for him, coached him through the ups and downs that are part of the game of golf, taught him how to interact with college coaches and helped us through numerous college visits. In the process our son’s game and tournament performance significantly improved. Most importantly, through Ted’s mentorship our son developed confidence and life skills that go far beyond the golf course. Ted is much more than just the road to college golf!"

Bob & Beth Perry, Santa Barbara, CA

"Ted Gleason has been an invaluable resource in helping us navigate the college golf recruitment process. Not only does he bring insight and first-hand experience to the table, he is well-known and respected on all levels throughout the national golf community. He has established a great mentor relationship with our son and has helped him define his goals and establish a plan for reaching those goals. We are looking forward to maintaining our relationship with Ted long after our son's college decision has been made."

The Main Family, Danville, CA

"It has been a tremendous and overwhelming experience for our family to come to this wonderful result; from having the choices of excellent schools, getting the official visits, to making the decision. We would have not been able to have it all without Coach Gleason’s unique service. We were glad we signed up early enough to get the real benefit of his services. He helped us choose the right tournaments from early on, set up practice drills, prepare and wrap up tournaments. More importantly he provided additional excellent mental support and guidance to our son, and us, in going though the ups and downs of a teenage student-athlete. Coach Gleason’s knowledge and reputation among college golf community is a tremendous asset of his services - he knows many coaches, programs, players and the academic expectations to find the right match for our child. We cannot thank him enough for this wonderful experience for our family."

The Wibawa Family, Sherman Oaks, CA

"It's been a great experience working with you the past year and a half. We are most grateful to be one of your many clients that have experienced the utmost success through your benefits. Without your help, we wouldn't have been opened up to the many opportunities you have helped provide. Our son told us it was not just coincidence that his game and rankings have significantly improved since the start of our process. We can honestly say that we most likely would not have been in the position we're in now if it were not for your guidance. We're proud to be another example of your own success with what you do for kids like our son and we will continue to speak highly of you to other possible future clients. We know our son will continue to keep in touch, as this is only the beginning."

The Mamo Family, Apple Valley, CA

"Thank you very much for all you have done for my son. I don't know how we could have navigated the college process without your help - what a confusing system! Then, to top it all off, he gets a scholarship from the school he was most hoping to attend from the very beginning. I do not believe we would have achieved the same results without you. Your guidance through the college process and your personal mentoring of my son were both invaluable. I also really appreciate your continued mentoring of him even after the main objective of choosing a college was finished.
We both thank you very much."

Scher Family, Woodland Hills, CA

"First off, let me say how excited I am that it looks like our son will be getting exactly what he wants...a smaller school in a great city, division I golf, and a chance to play as a freshman! We owe it all to you. Without someone leading us through the maze of college athletics and all that it takes, we would still be sitting on the sidelines wondering what to do. I am sad to say; I have watched some unbelievable golfers lose out because of their ignorance to the system. It's crazy. Secondly, I want to let you know that our son not only stepped up to the goals you two set, but also is continuing to work hard in school, in his golf, and staying in shape. He got in great shape over the summer; gained strength and stamina...he looks and feels great! Thank you again for all of your help, coaching, and knowledge. Again, we couldn't have done this without you."

Connie & Skip Barndhart & Scott Bell, Salt Lake City, UT

"We wanted to take a few moments and express our appreciation for all you have meant to our son during his process of attempting to play collegial golf. As you are now aware, he was selected to play Division 1 golf at an excellent academic institution. We still recall the initial meeting at our home. Our family recognized the competitive environment junior golf had become, and I am not sure we could have navigated the tournament schedule, the physical conditioning and as importantly, the mentoring and guidance aspects of the game without your association. Our son has become a better golfer, more respectful of the game and a very confident young man. There were many individuals involved in his development, not the least of which was his swing coach and his conditioning coach. Ted, you of course, were helpful in this dimension as well, but you built his character and respect for the game that no one could have.

We will always be grateful for your mentoring and coaching of Spencer and our family will always be proud to speak of our association and have the privilege of calling you a friend. Warm regards,"

The Kushner Family, San Juan Capistrano, CA

"The challenge of introducing our son to the top tier of competitive junior golf tournaments and the included pressure to perform was all that our family could handle. Adding the complexities of recruiting, interacting with college coaches and NCAA rules was not going well. Having Ted on our team allowed us to offer a supportive venue to our son where he could:

  1. Learn the realities of the recruiting process
  2. Learn the real issues in playing at the college level
  3. Pick the right tournaments to play
  4. Get coaching to improve his golf - both on course strategies and mental
  5. Learn the questions to ask
  6. Practice speaking with a "real college coach"
  7. Learn to talk comfortably with the top coaches of college golf
  8. Really refine the points on the "decision matrix" that would make the basis for one of the most important decisions of his young life

Ted's support and advice were a godsend. Ted was comforting where appropriate and firm where necessary. We can't say enough good things about the program."

Ben and Gail Catlin, Charmichael, CA

"We never thought that transferring from community college to a Division 1 University could be as stress-free as it was! Our son has found a good friend in Ted. He has been extremely motivated and inspired and is truly looking forward to his last two years in college, both academically and athletically. Ted helped our son put everything into perspective. He knows what his priorities are, which quite often get lost in the mix, and we feel that the lessons learned from Ted will be life-long ones. Thanks Ted!"

Scott and Cindy Martin, Westlake Village, CA

"My son came to competitive golf relatively late. He'd had some local success in other sports. A baseball injury led him to golf. His first IJGT and FCWT events were in his junior year. The mostly tough results were discouraging and frustrating for him.

Being of the opinion that golf is the hardest of all sports, especially on the mental side, the rough start wasn't surprising. Try telling that to any competitive kid who's been brought up in our instant gratification world. Kids and adults alike quit this game for a reason. It can be tough on anyone's ego and confidence.
As luck would have it, in the middle of a career round, Ted showed up. He was there to see one of his clients, who happened to be in my son's group. Walking around with Ted for a few holes I could tell he was a good guy.

Long story short, Ted has been a great part of our life the past year. In addition to counseling about golf, colleges, etc., Ted becomes part of the athlete's life. Ted is close enough to their age for kids to consider him cool. They're more apt to listen to what Ted says about "life-lesson" type things then they might their own parents. Like a wise big brother, Ted has shown us that his core values and principles are such that we have complete trust in him.

Our story ends on a good note both school and golf wise. My son kept at it, he's playing pretty well right now and he is at a good golf, great academic D-III school. I'm not sure the result would have been the same without Ted's presence. I believe that regardless of whether one's son or daughter ultimately plays college golf, Ted will be a valuable asset to any young athlete's life."

Pat Barry, San Diego, CA

"What we would have given to have a service like this when Taylor was in high school! The process was incredibly stressful and there was really no one to give us any direction or answers to our many questions. Fortunately it all turned out due to the fact that Ted Gleason was Taylor's coach starting freshman year and the relationship that has developed between Ted and our family is one we will always cherish. An invaluable asset that Ted possesses is in knowing the different personalities and coaching styles of many college coaches and knowing how to maximize the time and money invested in high school, i.e., which AJGA events and amateur events to pursue, what swing instructors are best, how the mental game works, and how to prepare for a tournament. Ted continues to mentor Taylor, and his role as "Player Instructor" at the 2006 US Open for Taylor was a memorable one. This was Taylor's first professional event and having Ted by his side gave him the support and confidence he needed."

Elene and Mike Wood, Laguna Niguel, CA

"Ted has a unique combination of experience as a junior, college and professional player, knowledge of the college recruiting and coaching process, and the ability to communicate with and motivate young people. He is honest, fair and knows how to get the most out of young people who are truly interested in the game. We have been fortunate to have Ted recruit and coach our sons at the college and high school level and he can be a "force multiplier" for any parent trying to help their son or daughter attain their dream of playing college golf."

George & Karen DeHuff, Coto de Caza, CA

"Ted has been an immense help in navigating the maze that is the college recruiting process. He was completely honest about my daughter's talent to play at the level she was pursuing. There are doors that he opened that we didn't even consider. He has spent the time to not only explain the process, provide guidance on how to tackle the process, but has also provided advice on creating productive practices, tournament preparation and mental game solutions. It has been a pleasure having a "college coach" that will answer the questions that (most) college coaches won't answer or answer with minimal information. I would highly recommend Ted and Road to College Golf to any junior player who has a desire to play golf in college."

Bill Dodge, Orange County, CA

"Ted Gleason has been a tremendous asset to our family throughout this difficult process of finding the right place for our son to pursue golf at the collegiate level. We can't thank him enough for all his help. Coach Gleason and Road To College Golf definitely assisted our son in attaining his dream of playing Division I golf. We certainly appreciated Coach Gleason's help throughout this process and feel we have also developed a friendship that will last for many years. His service is an invaluable resource to any family and Jr. Golfer with ambitions of playing collegiate golf and earning a degree."

Brett & Lauri Alan-Lee, Carlsbad, CA

"Ted has been a great advisor for our family in our search for a university for our son. Our goal was to encourage our son to choose a college that would offer both a great education and the ability to play on a nationally competitive golf program. With Ted's experience as a former golf coach and his many contacts at the university level, he became a great resource and friend. With Ted's guidance, our son was able to evaluate the alternatives and successfully choose a school that fits his golf and academic ambitions."

Brian & Nancy Driscoll, San Diego, CA

"Our only regret is that we didn't have access to Ted's services until our son’s senior year! Ted is simply a special young man that understands every single aspect of the game of golf and more importantly how it relates to your golfer child. Just walking the holes with Ted while watching our son play was extremely comforting and informative. Our son has always had a very strong relationship with Ted even before he started Road to College Golf, so, once Ted formed the company we immediately contracted his services. Their friendship is a union that our son will have for many years to come. As parents of a Junior Golfer entering the collegiate golf world we could not have dreamed up a better partner for our son. Ted understands the youngster inside the junior golfer and that is what is SO special. Our world of competitive golf found a lifelong partner! We wish Ted and his Road to College Golf nothing but continued success. We have everything to thank Ted for as our son enters his freshman year of college next fall."

Anne and Tommy Imperato, Westlake Village, CA

"The world of competitive junior golf and the process of identifying and securing the right college and college golf program are no doubt both complex and challenging.

We were fortunate to be referred to Ted Gleason, who helped us immensely. Ted understands the process of college recruiting inside and out and is a great communicator. He has provided us with valuable guidance throughout the college contact and recruiting process, as well as keen insight into numerous college golf programs. Ted is well known in college golf circles and has succeeded at the highest levels, both as an NCAA collegiate coach and player. Ted enjoys great relationships with and is universally respected by a broad array of college coaches at important universities both large and small, across the nation.
Ted has also provided our son with consistent positive encouragement and support. He has shared important practice drills and techniques and has spent time discussing and analyzing tournament play. He has also advised on tournament selection, both before and after college signing. In our case, our son was fortunate enough to sign with his #1 choice.

After signing, Ted has continued to be proactive, sharing insights about the college golf experience, advising on the necessary physical and mental preparation, and helping to build the right pre college tournament schedule. Ted is not only a great resource, but someone we will call a friend for years to come. We recommend him wholeheartedly."

Bob & Jacquie Lange, LA, CA

"Ted Gleason has been a tremendously valuable asset to our family and son. He is extremely knowledgeable about the college golf world and has a special ability to find what is right for your child. His attributes of realism and optimism, along with a caring and warm demeanor make working with him a real delight. His guidance was invaluable as we navigated the often-confusing world of tournaments, lessons, colleges and golf programs. We would recommend him without hesitation."

Walter & Laura Rosenthal, Malibu, CA